i want the giveaway pleeeeease!

October 24, 2010

this is definitely such a tiring week since I have my midterm and some other problems waiting to be written in my head (but I haven't make my new diary yet so I write it on papers everywhere and the feeling's definitely different)

and then I decided to have a break from my midterm assignment and went blogwalking.

and I found this (please click to enter the contest and stand a chance to win!)

she offered a WRECK THIS JOURNAL and chocolate from England sounds like some of my favorite things in the world : a journal and england.

okaaaay, it's not like she offered a trip to England for free but chocolate from England is something I haven't taste before and so does the journal, Wreck This Journal? I used to keep mine neat and clean, so I'm totally curious about what can I do with this journal. Guess this one is one of a kind =)

I hope I can win the giveaway and successfully pass my midterm

good daaaaaay for you all!

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