Honeymoon and Clover

July 22, 2009

so... actually, there is no relation between honeymoon and clovers. i'm just going to review some things i've watched and read recently :

1. Honeymoon with My Brother by Franz Wisner

A book about a journey of a man and his brother after being ditched by his fiancee five days before the wedding.

i can't say much about the book, it is interesting actually, but not a real page turner. the journey was quite fun and detail. most of the contents of the book told the reader about how the man had tried and finally forget his ex-fiancee and learn things from his journey with his brother.

2. Hachimitsu to Clover

this is the dorama i've mention in this post. i LOVE the story but a bit disappoint about the end..

so, there were five college student :
Hanamoto Hagumi, a talented painter who came from the countryside
Takemoto Yuuta, the third year student majoring in architecture
Yamada Ayumi, a talented student in pottery making
Mayama Takumi, an architecture student
Morita Shinobu, a talented seventh year student majoring in sculpture

they were best friends who like to hanging around in Hanamoto Sensei's place, the uncle of Hagumi. the dorama mostly told the story about their life, their love life, their problems and how they finally find the way to solve it.

my favorite character is Yamada Ayumi played by Narumi Riko.

well, i recommend you to watch it here. and if you want to see people's review on the first episode of this dorama, you can also see it here.

3. Movies!

i also watched movies on TV lately, which surprisingly, not my favorite genre. here sre the titles and my quick review :

the movie posters

- COLLATERAL DAMAGE : about a man who try to find the colombia terrorist who had killed his wife and son.
my opinion : well, i don't watch the whole movie actually but i can say that it was interesting

- POSEIDON : about some people in a drowning ship who try to find their way out.
my opinion : thrilling and good. a bit like titanic without the love story inside it.

- BIG FAT LIAR : have i told you about this one? this is one of Frankie Muniz's movie. a story about a boy who always tell lies so that nobody trust him anymore. finally he got into one big trouble because somebody is lying about him.
my opinion : great story and great scenes too. the movie takes place in Universal Studio so it was great!

4. Dorama

I heart DORAMA!!! (as i always say)
i'm curently watching Hana Yori Dango, so far i've watched 5 episodes out of 9. it was good, and i think this one is better than the taiwan and korean version.
I'm going to watch Futatsu no Spica too (another Mukai Osamu's dorama =D) but the buffering process takes so long.. i'll watch it later anyway


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