so the final review goes... well, not quite an exceed expectation either outstanding but at least not poor

December 29, 2010

today was... thrilling. deg-degannya pertama kayak nunggu kelulusan ujian univ dulu <-- lebay terutama pas nunggu reviewernya. dan HARUS TAU YAAAAA gue dapet giliran pertama gara-gara kalah suit -__-" I decided to post some pictures since I'm lost at words to describe. besides, I can't feel so relieve right now, I still have a design report and a portfolio to be submitted on Monday so here they are: the first one is the mess i made. making the model was pretty hard actually but the feeling after it was complete was indescribable

the making of the model (part of it)

the second one is the yoghurt. gue sebenernya nggak suka yoghurt sebelumnya kecuali frozen yoghurt *terutama kalo gratis, hmmm gue doyan banget. tapi pas lagi ngerjain eh ternyata enak ya. asal nggak dibauin dulu. oke. aneh, I know. nyokap juga bilangnya nggak sopan makanan di cium-cium, tapi menurut gue kalo baunya nggak sreg itu artinya nggak enak lebih baik mencegah daripada mubazir bukan?
the yoghurt before, the yoghurt and the mess, the yoghurt after :p

the third is the studio today. HECTIC DAN SERUUUUU :D
clockwise : my presentation material, the studio, my display, the studio

okaaay all, let's just pray for the best result. I already have one score and that was out of my expectation. quite happy about that

oh iya ada yang kelupaan. hmm my favorite part is actually when I open my cellphone and found 7 new messages unread! my high school friends (12 out of 25) texted me! encouraging me for the final review though they weren't sure what presentation it was :D glad to have you all through the ups and downs fellows

I wish for the best to come. to all of us. untuk anak FK UNPAD, selamat ujian :D *ayooo pasti bisa! untuk anak ARS UI (both interior and architecture) selamat ber-design report! untuk anak ITB, selamat liburan tentunyaa :D

ohiya, yang nonton di GBK. selamat nonton deh, gue ga ngerti sepak bola nih, cuman ngerti kalo gol. semoga puaaaas dan terhibur :D

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