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December 25, 2010

this is probably a post, dedicated to a someone specific, again, who may not read this. but I have to write it since I don't really have guts to tell it to the face.

hey friend, it's been a long time since I see you as someone who has the high spirit to conquer the task. We are all in a deep pressure right now and somehow I don't feel like you're being yourself. the usual you who always on the move and gives your whole effort to every task for the sake of being the best.

I was jealous actually. You had that gift and talent. But now, the light seems to fade.

where all those spirit going? You can't live the rest of semesters not doing your best. we are moving on. we had to. we were forced to move into the better. we live in this dynamic university life and this is really not the time to let go of the dreams.

I may not know you better that the others but I don't want you to lose the grip. I need you to hold on. That way, we'll be just fine.

:D cheer up!

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