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January 16, 2011

I drink my father's coffee... just now

no, it shouldn't be a big deal. he's sleeping right now, and the coffee gets cold. I don't drink all of them, only a bit of it. He won't mind, but it's just strange. Different to people at my age (especially when I was on high school, and now as an architecture student who stay up late a lot) I don't drink coffee. at any rate. probably, I hate it. I don't like the taste. But I drink it, tonight.

and staying up this late is also a strange thing. I don't staying up when I have an important assignment (that should be the main reason why I don't get good grades this term).

strange things happens for me lately. not to mention that I wasn't so strange before. I was, at least, I think I was kinda... different. but I like it that way

anyway, I finished watching skins. fall in love all over again with Cassie (I love the way she said 'wow' and 'totally') and Maxxie (forget the gay thing). loves the last two episodes (both season 1 and 2). and feel sorry about Jal and Chris. Still don't understand about Anwar but glad that he's back with Maxxie (as best friends of course)

going to watch the Orange's Days as I said in the last post.

okaaaay this is going to be a not-so-important post but I have to write. you know, the feeling that attacks you that you really have to write something, you just have to. I don't know why, sometimes I feel that way. maybe you share the same bizarre feeling?

seeing the picture of Harry-Ron-Hermione again. my favorite graphics about them on tumblr (so far). and also reblog this picture of Shinichi and Ran from Detective Conan. I wish they will somehow end up together, tired of being emotionally involved only by looking at their picture, separating. guess it just me, but still... I got emotionally involved a lot with those fictional characters and this is not good. but well, just let it be that way.

going to have a sleep now. bye then

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