August 20, 2011

it happens to me, a lot of time. when I was on high school, even now.

to listen is actually not an easy task, to listen you have to accept what you are going to hear. It wasn't that simple. I can't accept things easily when something comes from the one I like less or when I don't feel so good about myself.

or simply when I think that I am way better than others.

this is actually a note to self, because listening leads to understanding. When I don't understand things, maybe I just don't want to listen to it. Maybe I don't even want to hear it.

back off, take a deep breath, and start over; you need to listen, in order to understand.

PS. I decided to change my background, and I don't think it was good. I miss my old theme but too lazy to change it back.
And SON OF NEPTUNE IS GOING TO RELEASE REAL SOOOOON! how I miss reading Percy Jackson!
And ALEX RIDER HAS A NEW SERIES! downloaded already, I'm going to read it before the term starts :)

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