dear frankie : this one breaks my heart

September 18, 2010

I was doing my paper when I remember that metro TV had a world cinema program and my father was accidentally left the TV on in that channel.

I was crying so hard because of this great movie

gue nggak nonton dari awal sih, tapi oke, jadi begini ceritanya.

Frankie is a nine years old boy, a deaf kid who is also a champion lip reader. He moved often with his family which is only his mom and his grandmother. He writes to his dad often. His dad sails throughout the world, at least that was shown by the world map and the flag attached on his room.

Actually, his father is not really sailing but his mother made him believe that. He actually writes a letter to his mother and his mother writes back, pretending that it was from his father. Until one day, a ship named Accra, the one that his father supposed to sail with, came to Glasgow.

One of his friend made him bet to gave all of his stamp collection if his father didn't come. He wrote it on his next letter and his mother try to find a man to be his father only for a day, she came to his friend and told her that she'll pay for it.

The friend of his mother found a man who was suitable for the job. They met and his mother tell this man about Frankie. She even gave her letters Frankie had wrote all this time. Finally, they made an agreement that he will came to the house and then went to watch the football game.

At the first time, the man didn't really want to do that. And when Frankie saw him, he wasn't really sure himself. But then this man gave Frankie a book he had ever wrote in one of his letter, Frankie immediately gave this man a hug and they went watch the football game.

Everything went smooth until this man told his mother that he wanted another day with Frankie. After some yelling, they finally agreed that they were going to met again the next day. So Frankie finally have another day with the man he thought as his father.

Meanwhile, the real father of Frankie was really sick and going to day in several days. He wanted to see Frankie but his mother told him that she won't let Frankie met him. But she told Frankie that he got a message from his father that he was really sick and that he wanted Frankie to know that he loved him so much. Frankie draw a figure of sea horse for his father and his mother gave it to a nurse, along with a photo of Frankie, to a nurse in the hospital. She made sure that Frankie's real father really see that before he died.

Finally Davey Morrisson died. Frankie knew about it and he looked really sad about that.

One day, his mother went to the post office to check if Frankie wrote another letter for his dad just in case. Surprisingly, he did. He wrote a lot about how much star he got at school and that he was on the football team now. At the end of the letter, he wrote that his real dad had died about two weeks ago and that he hope that the man that pretended to be his dad in two days will come again to see him.

So he actually had known about that all the time.

And I can't stop crying, this one just sooooo amazing.

the mother, frankie, and the man

when Frankie draw a sea horse to his dying real father

These are just a few of my favorite lines and scene.

Lizzie (Frankie's mother) : Who the hell do you think you are? Who gave you the right to come in here and behave like this?
The Man : You did.

Nell (Frankie's grandmother) : He doesn't need lies in the letter. He needs flesh and blood

Frankie's letter to his father : If you can't see me, that's fine. I understand

The Man to Lizzie : You have to trust somebody someday

when the man was going to say goodbye to Frankie, Frankie asked him if he was coming back. The man said no. And then Frankie opened a box and took a small sculpture of sea horse out of the box. He gave that to the man and he insist that he have to take it. They did a pinkie swear. Oh men, I burst into tears.

another was when the man and Frankie were throwing stones to the lake. The man gave Frankie a stone that would bounce. Frankie didn't throw it, he kept it.

this is a WORTH A WATCH movie. what I like the most about the movie is :
  1. This is an English movie. Englishmen and their accent are cool. I looooove it
  2. The casts are brilliant (apart from their good looks, their act were excellent)
  3. The emotions of the casts were brought the viewer (oh well, maybe it's just me) to the story. You don't have to write a lot of dialogues, you just need a bunch of brilliant actor and actress
oh men, maybe I'll download this movie from the internet. More about the movie, click here, here, and here.

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