new thing fascinates me #1 : fixing a damaged shoe

January 09, 2012

I decided to post things like this from now on. I easily fascinated by new-simple-things I see around me, that's why. Enjoy.

This is purely coincidence. My shoe is broken today, right when I just arrived at my faculty, and before I went home, I had to buy some things for my community project tomorrow. Right when I finished buy things, I see this man who fixed shoes sitting in front of the shop. I think, it might be a good idea to fixed my shoe right away before I forget, besides I don't want to throw my shoe now and replace it with a new one. I didn't need another sport shoe anyway, and the damage wasn't so bad.

So I walked to the man and doing a short conversation to made him helped me fixed the shoe. I don't really know about the price, so I just agree on the price he told me. Then, he offer a seat for me so I can sit while waiting for my shoes being fixed.

But I'm a kind of person who loves to see new things, and as I remember, this is my first time seeing a shoe being fixed. I don't sit too long, I stand up and watch the process closely, and the man who fixed my shoe let me did so.

I'm not much a photographer, but yes, I take some pictures. Here are some of them :

click to enlarge

His work space is brilliant. Despite it looks, see how efficient it was. It has a lot of storages and I guess, if you have seen this kind of person before, so easy to be carried away whenever he wants to. I didn't have a closer look to the storage and the tools but I hope I will have a chance to know about this.

Anyway, my shoe is all better now, and I can use it again tomorrow. thanks, sir!

Yes, this thing fascinates me. what fascinates you?

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