happy birthday :)

December 08, 2012

I’ve been wondering for two days now, what will I write for her birthday? But a day had already passed and I haven’t really congratulate her (not really sure whether my gift arrived safely either, and it’s kinda depressing)
Words fail me whenever I feel like I need them the most. And this is one of those moment. I’m pretty sure that what we have been through after all this 6 years are too precious that I’m afraid it will lose its charm when I put that into words. But it’ll never harmful to make a paragraph or two about how grateful I am to know her, to be friend with her, and to congratulate her for finally being 20.
She is my very first friend when I moved to the city 6 years ago. We went trough a lot of laughter (kejeblos di keranjang, main ke matraman, foto box, etc), tears, bad mood days (especially for me), gossips, countless chats, and diary pages.
A lot of things have happened ever since that first day. And now, she is turning 20.
So, for my best friend, my favorite mood-booster, my tomat-gula partner, the one who can just be there without a word and still make me comfortable, the one whose writing makes me cry a lot and smiling widely (those cheesy yet beautiful lines!)…
Happy 20! The years are going so fast, aren’t they? We will never know the end until it happens, so when you haven’t see the end yet, make everyday as if it was your last day. Quit being over thinking all the time, just make the most of it.
And do not think about those petty things (if you know what I really mean). I know it hurts, but it is only a state of mind. If you think that you are not then you are not, vice versa. Be grateful of what you are, of what you have been through, and not for what you don’t have. You are so much more than what you are now, and definitely those important things in front of you deserves you more than anything :)
Am I sound like some old people right now? I hope not
I can’t wish more than the best that He can give to you, I know it is the limit :)
once again, happy birthday :*

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