sooo this is actually my previous mood

October 15, 2009

before today i was not in a good state of mood

just like before, i had my moodswing attack.

and this time it happens only because i accidentally seen one of new video clip on TV this afternoon. I don't know whether it was just me who was too imaginative or it really was another syndrome but I was too sensitive when I attended my last class today.

the worst part : I guess the major reason was one of my classmate on that class...

So I guess the refrain part of the song was my song for that specific person. And I just can't get that thought of my head until... well, until I start logging in my facebook yesterday

Gosh. should I be that sensitive about this problem?

This time I just know that from the first time it won't ever start. it's impossible to begin. But I still keep that on my mind.

well, I feel a lot better now, after writing about this

happy birthday to me ^^

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