Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tolong menjauh sebentar saja

I feel like screaming to one spesific person :

tolong menjauh sebentar saja

paling tidak sampai gue merasa sedikit lebih stabil dari saat ini. I know that the world doesn't just go around me, I'm not the only person in this world, but please do my favor this time.

I'm not blaming you for being in my mind, I feel grateful that you didn't even ask for things so I don't have to talk to you but I do miss it sometimes..

jadi tolong menjauh sebentar saja. Paling tidak sampai gue merasa sedikit lebih stabil dari saat ini


Fulki Fadhila said...

aku salah nebak, ato ini emang tentang dia lagi?

F.I.T.R.I said...

salah nebak ki.. tenaaaaaang. im not gonna fall into the same hole (hopefully) better be ready for anything than realizing the wrong things later, kan? I feel like doing things for my own sake actually but I really don't want to be like people I have ever trusted before. Aku juga ga mau melebarkan batasan aku tentang yang benar dan yang salah ki.

doain yaaaa ^^ yes it's hard to be here but I know I can really make it. WE can really make it..