a letter

February 22, 2010

note : I guess I wrote this one when I was sooooo desperate. university life is never easy. pokoknya high school rocks! =D

hey I haven't heard from you lately. and I kinda miss you actually. I was reading my diaries and remember about how we used to chit chat abot everything. gosh I miss that so much

I keep on telling myself that I will never find anyone like any of my friends back on high school. maybe that's why I keep on comparing them. I'm not move on, I guess I stuck.

Are you really that busy? can we meet up? I have a plan to visit Bandung next week, I have a schedule there. It's okay if you can't I still can reach you from facebook or text message, right?

Have you ever felt the same way just like me now? Have you ever found yourself stuck? too afraid to step forward because you are afraid to admit that you have to left things behind?

I already have a lot of fun here, but sometimes I think I had made a wrong choice to left Bandung. Maybe I was just too sensitive, after all I will always be that over-sensitive person, right?

Well then, be good on your study. I will try for my best too here. We are a friend (hopefully) forever, right? there are a strong bond that will keep us together as long as we believe in our faith, right?
Sorry if this bothering you. don't think too much about this, okay? I'm just feel like sharing this to you. I think I can handle this by myself soon.

best wishes

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