missing the old times

September 18, 2010

pit, belom mulai mulai juga nih sejarahnya?
*nyengir lebar

maaf ya, sekarang saya mau ngerjain PA dulu. sejarah ntar maleman aja. besides, there is something I really want to write here...

I'm actually missing my old times when the assignment is not so full that my day will be so hectic, when I can watch two full episodes or more of Japanese drama 'Atashinchi no Danshi' or 'Hachimitsu to Clover', when I can go to the bathroom between classes or whenever I feel like in my former school, when I think that not studying in a free time is a sin...

yeah, that old times had gone already

entah kenapa tadi mikir, kapan yaaa kira-kira bisa bener-bener having quality time, bareng temen saya yang nun jauh di sana (lebay), hanging out, maybe watch some korean dramas, or more, talking about how's life have been these days...

I'm missing the old times so bad, but you know, no matter how hard I try, I could never turn back the time, so why don't I just stand up and go forward, maybe there will come another time to remember

which I think I know that they'll come along

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