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June 02, 2011

I'm officially holiday now

so I went to the bookstore yesterday to buy some books. ceritanya menghapus kerinduan setelah lama-lama-lama-lama-lama-lama buanget gak beli buku, nyampe sana malah kalap. yah, seperti yang bisa diduga. gue bersyukur juga sebelumnya sempet nabung dulu jadi gak bawa uang banyak-banyak banget. kayanya nanti kalo gue punya uang sekoper yang gue beli toko bukunya.

I was looking for something that is not cheesy. romantic is total okay but I won't buy things that is so shallow and common. the thing is you can't and you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover though it's hard sometimes because most of the bookstore have no book sample. they display ONLY books covered in plastic wrap and it's sucks. I can't take a look through the pages to know whether the translator has a good style in translating import books or if the flow of the story is good enough for example.

so I depend only on my intuition.

tau deh kedengerannya kayak gue bukan mau beli buku tapi mau ngelakuin sesuatu yang aneh tanpa petunjuk. tapi bener loh, for me, it's a serious matter. waktu SMP, temen gue pernah bilang kalo gue punya feeling yang bagus when it comes to books. gue bisa beli hanya buku-buku yang worth to read, yang ceritanya enak dibaca, yang nggak cuman bagus kover doang. sejak temen gue ngomong gitu, gue beli beberapa buku yang bikin gue kesel (pelajaran : ignorance is bliss sometimes).

back again, so, for me, buying a book is a serious matter. it is almost like gambling (though I haven't doing a real gamble in a real life). it's like you spend some of your money for tickets to somewhere you never heard of. I'm not someone who travels a lot but still that sounds similar to me. Books makes me become a spy, a girl with lots of cousin, an introvert boy, a vampire, and even a magical girl. Books let me go around the world so it's almost the same as tickets to those who love to travel.

and yesterday, I was spending my money, thankfully, for good things.

Kira-kira setengah jam sejak gue masuk ke toko buku itu, gue udah mau beli kira-kira 11 judul buku. Dua buku karena sesuatu di dalam otak gue bilang kalo gue mau buku itu, 4 buku karena itu buku berseri yang udah pengen gue beli sejak lama-lama-lama banget (and unfortunately, the book store HAS it all), 4 buku berseri lain karena temen gue bilang itu buku yang lucu dan bagus, dan satu buku lagi karena itu buku impor dan harganya cuma 40.000 tapi lebih tebel dari buku harry potter (versi bloomsburry) 1 dan 2 dijadiin satu.

Yang paling susah adalah kalo ada buku yang begitu lo liat lo langsung pengen beli, if you really know what I mean. you just know that you have to buy it. it's not about the cover, it's just... something you can't explain, you just have to fetch it home! dengan perasaan kayak gitu, beli buku di toko buku yang harusnya cuma dateng-ngambil buku-pergi ke kasir-bayar-pulang dan bisa dilakukan dalam waktu kira-kira 1 jam bisa berubah jadi seharian.

I told my friend but I won't let her decide for me. Jadi gue puter-puter lagi, mikir-mikir lagi, ngitung-ngitung lagi, and end up with more books-to-but. ada satu serial science-fiction (2 buku) dan satu serial teenlit hantu-hantuan yang juga udah gue liat sejak lama (3 buku). see, going to a bookstore with not enough money to buy the whole book store is a DISASTER for me. I can't decide. I am a bad decision maker when I come to this, and I have a serious matter of impulsive-behavior when I can't decide. Fortunately, I have not bring enough money to buy all 16 books yesterday. So after 2 hours and a lot of take-it-and-put-it-back-to-place I ended up buying only three of them (and actually quite proud of it because I can do the elimination :))

kiri : 4 buku yang mau gue beli pada awalnya. dua yang pink dan biru soalnya tiba-tiba pengen dan yang lain soalnya kata temen bagus. kanan : buku yang akhirnya gue beli :)

saat ini gue udah selesai baca 2 buku berseri yang gue beli dan siap-siap untuk baca yang terakhir, maybe I will make a book review, it's been a long time now since my last review :). uaaaaaaaaaah i love reading so much.

anyway, happy holiday everyone :D

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