February 03, 2012

the last 6 days was unusual days in my life.

Monday to thursday, stay over at my grandparent's house
thursday night coming home late
wednesday morning leave home at 06.45, catch the morning train and went to Bandung by 10.35 train (that supposed to be 9.25 but I was late about a minute!)
friday afternoon going home by 12.00 train, arrived at 17.00

and tomorrow I'll be going again

It's just not me, not a girl who supposed to choose stay every day with a nice weather home, reading great books in the room alone, listening to maroon 5.

I'm not a person who would choose to stay over at some place when I know that I could have my quality time at home. Not a person who would travel anywhere in short notice. Not a person who would choose to wandering alone in Bandung rather than mingling with her old friends (however it takes).

this short trip and big changes within a week might not be an extraordinary experience for you. but it is, for me.

for the enlightenment, thank you
for the loving care, thank you
for the room to stay, thank you
for the great scenery, thank you
for remembering me, thank you

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