January 08, 2013

time flies and things change. yesterday, a kind-of-shocking news reach me. Not in a bad way, more in a good and exciting way. And that news open up my eyes wider. Boom. Things are not the same, not in 7 years, not in a blink of an eye.

yesterday, I watched an episode from How I Met Your Mother. You know, the episode when Robin left Don because he accept a job she had turned down because she was considering her relationship with him. Robin came to Ted's apartment, and she was like crying. And then, Ted said this :

But eventually overtime, we are all becoming our own doppelgangers. you know, completely different people just happen to look like us. five years ago, Robin, that girl, she's pretty great but Doppelganger Robin, she's amazing.
We are all becoming our own doppelganger overtime. It's been almost 7 years for me, and yes, it is going to change forever. The time we spent in high school will never be repeated, no matter how hard we try to redo it. I mean, being 20something and sitting in the exact chair, listening to the exact words from the same teacher  won't ever feel like going back to sixteen. And as the time goes by, the time we spent together might change its value.We may not do silly things like singing along the street singer on the way to curug last year. We won't talking about Kungfu Komang or Happy Tree Friends because finally we have something real to do.

But as Ted says to Robin, our doppelganger in 10 years to come might even more amazing.

And after all, I still listen to GooseHouse's Sky :

No tears no sorrow
Even if tomorrow turned away
And keep us apart
'Cause this is the sky you gave to me
Every rain give birth to grace
Some day our dreams bloom
We'll walk our own way
Then looking back, 'I'm alone' you may say
Hey don't you forget
We always share the sky
Always... I'm by your side

with love to my26

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