August 08, 2014

Katanya nagging itu sayang. Kata siapaaaa? Katanya...

The older the person gets, I think the more difficult it is to understand his/her mind in couples of try. Especially when we were too attached and start to, unconscioulsy, taking them for granted.

Meet my grandfather, a person I called ompung my whole life, who consistently resisting to go to Jakarta everytime his children asked him to visit. The one who can't stay for more than an hour in a family visit (we count it last lebaran. It's rude, I know...), and who asked when we leave as soon as we are arrived.

We can't get too detail with him; at the specific time, he will start to ask why we haven't leave or arrived. It gets annoyying, I should agree. He will making phonecalls when we are not arrived on time. Or when we won't leave, he will asked why, even if it's a trivial reason like waiting to get into the bathroom, or finishing lunch.

Yesterday, my aunt's family left to went to other city at noon. My grandfather asked my father to call her to asked whether she has arrived at around 7 pm, and she said thay she was still on her way. It was supposed to be a 2 hour drive from my grandparent's house, but she arrived at 9 pm; 7 hours after she departed.

At dinner, he seems to be a bit sad. While taking his food, he asked to my parents whether my aunt has taken some food with her to be eaten on the way. He also said that he was about to sent my aunt right after we finished breakfast because for him, it will be much easier to handle the road when it's still daytime, rather than nighttime when it's already dark.

He was worried, in such a roundabout way.

I will keep this one for the day when my parents start to nag me around. It was a sign of worry and love, in such a roundabout way.


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