2017 : Traveling and Traveling in 2018

January 02, 2018

Have I told you that my mother actually banned me from traveling?

Ever since I left for Malaysia in 2015, she already against me traveling solo, or traveling with friends. She didn't really like me going somewhere new only with friends and not my family who can be responsible about me. But since my father allowed me to go, she went on with his decision. That's how I travel to South Korea in 2016. After that, my mother always said that it is better for me not to go again unless I go with my brother or, a husband.

Instead of being against that rule, I actually fine with it. Maybe it was me knowing that she only want the best for me and trying to protect me from any harm, or my inner self who wanted to get married (lol), or maybe my true homebody self who surfaced. I am a homebody on my core and not actually going wasn't really an issue for me even though I still had my traveling bucket list.

On that condition, apparently I still had the chance visit Singapore with my brother and Yogyakarta with my friends in early 2017 and got myself several work trips to Bandung in the middle of the year. I actually had been offered to visit Brebes around November, but decline it because... I was just lazy (ha!)

My traveling in 2017 had been rather personal and slow and had this nice lingering feeling to it.

In 2018, now that I had a husband, I haven't really thought about traveling together. It was on the back of my mind, but with me still adjusting with life and all that, I'm still going to keep it on my mind for a while and not actually doing it. Unlike the couple of years ago, in which I had this personal goal to visit one country for every year, I think I don't have a set goals for traveling this year. Funny how I was always saying that I can't go before I got married or my brother come to his senses and agree to accompany me traveling last year as a reason on why I didn't plan any trip ahead. Now that I have one, I don't really want it... for now.

My other reason is because I think I need to be more careful about whatever that is allowed and not allowed in what I believe in. I have to admit that my current biggest concern about traveling is how to be responsible about what I eat overseas. Of course I can actually work my way around it, like looking for halal restaurant and bring my own instant food like abon, cup noodles, etc., but it's been on my mind for a while and I guess it plays a big part (aside from me going back to my root as a homebody).

Nevertheless, cheers for an unexpected journey in 2018 (if any :))!

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