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December 09, 2010

i decided to post about some random things floated in my mind recently

sudah nonton iklan nutrilon beluuum? jadi pertamanya gue kira itu film August Rush, taunya bukan, and just like that it becomes my instant-favorite commercial ever (setelah jamannya iklan conello = )) bisa diliat di sini videonya. it is a worth watching anyway, padahal iklan loh! dan kenapa nggak gue upload? karena mendadak gaptek. maaf ya, lagian gue downloadnya yang .flv kok

hmm, laluuu tadi ngubek ngubek tumblr dan nemu orang ngepost soundtrack nya Conan. honestly, I love the story though I'm not his big fan. but you know what, the love story's sucks. Ini nggak tau gue aja yang mikirnya bahagia melulu, but it's not always fun to see that Ran girl waiting over Shinichi who actually always be there for her.
okaaaaaay so the real point of the story is not about their love-life drama but pleeeaseee

I also found this : 101 THINGS YOU DIDN'T LEARN IN ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL anyone read the 101 Things I learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick? I read, well... part of it, and my friends found the article on archdaily.com (yes sekarang gaul browsingnya archdaily) I found most of it are hilarious, truest fact, and things you may not think we are (we as the architecture student)

the final submission day is coming up! It's January 3rd, 2011... and so does the pressure. But I'm doing fine right now. My studio is not so hectic yet, it's another subject. I promise (myself that) I will post my final assignment in my upcoming post. thanks to my high-school friends who helps me stayed the night by texting me over and over =) (you know I'm bad at staying up late). This friday I will have a presentation about structure. And the task is to build a bridge by a group of 4. We are definitely having fun with the task, and I will post about this later too.

another thing is... Maroon 5 is coming to the city. gue bukan orang yang suka nonton konser (cukup pensi pas malam keakraban, mau ngatain cupu juga terseraaah) tapii... bagaimana kalau mereka nyanyi lagu Sweetest Goodbye? Atau nge-cover If I ain't Got You lagi? Atau nyanyi Nothing Lasts Forever, Story, Goodnight Goodnight, Just a Feeling sama Losing my Mind? Pleeeease... gue mauuuu denger mereka nyanyi lagu itu LIVE!

dan gue belom nonton harry potter 6 PLEASE!

anyway, I got to go now. CIAO!

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