day 16 : chaotic

February 19, 2011

these two weeks are chaotic. maybe that's the main reason why I keep on skipping the challenge. it's actually on my head, but I just can't write it.

I used to turn off my 5 o'clock alarm every morning but today I woke up before five, even my family haven't! and I can turn off the alarm and stay awake.

I was sleeping early which actually a big NO since I have a LOT of assignment (double it two if you think about something that suits a lot. my assignment are more than that)

I left my assignment undone which is one of my favorite mistake since I did it over and over again

roller-coaster mood

a triple roller-coaster mood

I skip important things (and I meant it, though I can say what it is)

I feel tired almost everyday

I have an unaccomplished feeling

I was talking too much

I was being sooo childish

And I think I'm starting to look like people I used to avoid or even to hate.

And I really want my normal life to come back (if there's anything close to normal for an architecture student)

and yes, I count this as a post for the challenge :)

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