Wednesday, January 25, 2012

pameran he[art] arsitektur interior 2011

it's kinda late since the exhibition is already over (earlier this month). But I should say this is one of the best exhibition I've ever attended. Enjoy some of my favorite works here :

entrance gate. it should have shaped heart. well, it is. I accidentally bump into one of the column (gara2 heboh temen gue mau nulis alias V3 di sebelah nama gue gara2 gue nulis jakarta pusat deket GI di deket namanya >.< maaf yaaaaaaaaa!)

by syifa. one of my mentee waktu baru-baru maba (CIEEEEE SENIOR #gapenting) ini tekonya ngeluarin air loh. cool ya. nyala-nyala pula (weird addiction of something nyala-nyala. tau sepatu nyala-nyala, kan? gue punya!)

ini nggak tau punya siapa. I don't really into paintings or something like that but this work is definitely ROCKS

ini nggak tau juga punya siapa. but I love this one :3
this one is interesting. it made of capsule!

and this last one caught me most. I just love it. by Ryfa (padahal gakenal)

WHAT I LOVE THE MOST. FREE GIVEAWAY! stickers! sayangnya satu orang cuma boleh dapet 1 dari 5 stiker  jadi akhirnya gue nyegat-nyegatin temen cowok gue yang lewat, nyuruh mereka nulis nama di buku tamu dannnn ngambil stikernya:3 (jadi sekarang punya TIGA!)

If you happened to come to the exhibition,went to the board where you can write your comment and see a pictures come from 9gag with my name written not far from the picture, that's not me. definitely not me.

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