October 20, 2012

the more I think about it, the more I realize that the majority of architecture student are in some kind of love/hate relationship. you said that it waste your time sometimes, that it makes you deal with some petty little things you never know exist before, it makes you stay up all night, it makes you addicted to coffee or any drink that helps you awake, it makes you do silly things like taking photo with a holed cardboard as if you are a game board (you know, the one with bunny appeared in a hole for you to hit), it makes your skin burnt after an endless survey, it makes you look terrible in the morning because you got no sleep and you have to present things early in the morning, and so on.

As bad as it would sound, it never really gets that bad. I mean, there is always pride in noticing details that some people may not even know, it always relieving to see your display printed on time after staying up all night, it is good to know a lot types of drinks and know exactly the effect to your body (does it make you stay awake and body-ache the day after, or it doesn't strong enough, or it makes you want more, or it doesn't taste good but it makes your eyes open), it is always fun to do silly things people won't do in their classroom, it is amazing how you can find things in a place that being taken for granted after being in that place almost a whole week, and it makes you proud.

really, I have never seen someone talks about architecture (no matter how bad it is for them) without such enthusiasm.

I guess we are all suffer from the love/hate relationship with this major

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