my playlist goes... (part 3)

June 03, 2010

finally updating my playlist =D

so, this is my favorite songs these days :

1. How Deep is Your Love - The bird and the Bee

I believe in you/You know the door to my very soul/Youre the light in my deepest darkest hour/Youre my saviour when I fall/And you may not think/I care for you/
When you know down inside/That I really do
this is a cover version. the original singer is the bee gees. i've heard both version (even heard michael buble's) but i guess this one's pretty coooooool! love the melody, love the lyrics since heard it for the first time

2. Way Back into Love - Sabrina
and if I open my heart again/I guess I'm hoping
Another cover version. ever heard the Hugh Grant's version? I haven't actually but I already had the Sam Milby and Tony Gonzaga version. This cover sung only by a person named Sabrina, and I guess this one is my favorite version. A bit about the singer, Sabrina comes from Philippines and had A WONDERFUL VOICE and I mean it. She also covers other songs like A Thousand Miles and So Sick.

3. Weightless - All Time Low
If I could just find the time/Then I would never let another day go by/I'm over, getting old/Maybe it's not my weekend/But it's gonna be my year/And I'm so sick of watching while the minutes pass as I go nowhere/And this is my reaction/To everything I fear/Cause I've been going crazy I don't want to waste another minute here
always love All Time Low anyway. And this one was just GREAT!

4. Gee - iu

this one is a korean song. The original version sung by SNSD. I have always love people playing guitar and sing at the same time. I like most of acoustic version of a song and this one just so great. Another great point, the singer is a girl! aaaaaa I just want to play guitar like she does so I can make a cover for my favorite song by myseeeeelf!

5. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
And I'd give up forever to touch you/Cause I know that you feel me someho/.../When everything's made to be broken/I just want you to know who I am/.../ And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming/Or the moment of truth in your lie
quite old song, but timeless =D It really has something on the lyrics, I love this one just like I love Saybia's The Second You Sleep.

oh yaaaaa ngomongin lagu favorit, temen gue pernah nanya waktu itu: "Fitri sukanya lagu liriknya dulu ya?"

hmmm iya sih sebenernya but it depends. Menurut gue lagu itu yang harusnya oke ya lirik dan musiknya kan ya, makanya gue gak terlalu concern sama penyanyinya. Masalah suara oke sih itu gak usah ditanya, kalo suaranya ga terlalu oke ngapain jadi penyanyi. iya kaaaan? Nah, i just love a song that has a great lyrics and a wonderful music on it. Kadang-kadang gue denger playlist random di radio atau punya temen gue, feel related to the song, didengerin lagi lirik dan musiknya, dicari liriknya terus suka. kadang-kadang malah kalo udah liat liriknya dan menurut gue ga terlalu menarik, gajadi suka deh.

tapi kadang-kadang juga gue punya penyanyi dan band favorit kayak All Time Low, Yellowcard, Maroon 5, Dashboard Confessional dan Kelly Clarkson. Biasanya gue punya lagu mereka satu album, terus eh semuanya enak dan liriknya oke, jadi deh suka sama lagu-lagunya. Untuk yang favorit favorit gitu baru deh gue dengerin lagi lagu mereka di album berikutnya, kalo bagus ya suka lagi, kalo ga oke ya sukanya yang album sebelumnya aja

A song has to touched my heart, at that point, I don't really care about the singer =D


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